Abdelhafidh (Hafidh) Chaibi

Founder and Owner, Maghreb Frontiers

Business Development Specialist with over 15 years experience in the Maghreb. Hafidh specializes in Maghreb business development, Maghreb-MENA, Maghreb-US, and Maghreb-UK relations, Trade and Investment Promotion, and Non Profit Association Development. He is an accomplished writer, translator, interpreter, and a public speaker.

Abdelhafidh earned a Masters of Engineering from the University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA), and a certificate of legal studies from the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies (IHEC) in Tunis. In 1996, he was awarded a certificate in nonprofit association management from the US Chamber of Commerce. He has been trained as a trade promotion specialist at the British Foreign Office (1991) and at the Support Center in Washington DC.
He started his career as a Project Engineer in the oil fields south of Libya. He then was hired as the locally engaged Commercial/Information Officer at the British Embassy in Tunis. He was then Executive Director of The Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce (1993-1998, and 2002-2006). He then immigrated to the US and operated as a consultant advising US companies and organizations on doing business in the Maghreb. As Executive Director of the World of Knowledge Foundation in Florida, he has managed economic, educational and social development programs in the Algeria, Bangladesh, the USA and Venezuela. He founded Tafahom, a World of Knowledge Foundation initiative to promote understanding between the USA and the Muslim World through educational and exchange programs. He owes his strong Maghreb, US, UK network to his trade promotion career during which he has travelled extensively on business missions throughout the Maghreb countries, the US and the UK.
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“Hafidh is an experienced and talented businessman with remarkable contacts in the Maghreb. He is diligent and results-oriented, and I look forward to continued collaboration with him in the future.”
Rick Sellers, Managing Director, Tocqueville Renewable Energy Partners

“Abdelhafidh was absolutely wonderful to work with! Extremely thorough, precise and patient. He was a key driver in the developments in the renewable energy business in North Africa for our company. A valuable, dependable, hard working colleague who was key for our company.”
Kathryn Possin, Business Development Manager, Arxiel Ventures

“Abdelhafidh is an expert in the Maghreb markets with high level connections and excellent responsiveness.”Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Hesham Salah, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Dubai

“I worked with Abdelhafidh in partnership with Tunisian American Chamber of commerce. Thanks to Abdelhafidh, during this period, TACC developed tremendously its activities. Major achievements : - Achieving self sustainability after USAID left - Starting and maintaining the sponsorship program that helped TACC survive and thrive including an excellent relationship with TUNISIANA - Developing membership (48 in 1997 to over 270 in 1998) - Starting new programs (monthly membership luncheon, annual gala dinner, children of tacc, golf tournament, training center, missions to the USA). - Succeeded the annual door knock mission program - Provided excellent service to US companies established in Tunisia -established the successful partnership with the Oxford Business Group As Vice President of TACC today, I really miss Abdelhafidh contribution” December 25, 2009
Hatem Hachicha, General manager, Tunisia &Libya, Pfizer

“During the time I worked with Abdelhafidh, I got to know him as a consummate professional, a fount of knowledge, and a genuinely kind man. Never too distant, he would willingly lend his ear and give shrewd advice. It is no wonder that the working relationship has developed into friendship.”
Chris de Oliveira, Country Editor, Oxford Business Group

“Abdelhafidh was an action and results-oriented director of TACC (AmCham Tunisia), and was instrumental in making the Chamber financially self-sustaining at a level of staffing higher than the norm for MENA region AmChams. He has built on his TACC networks in subsequent positions and now offers consulting services that have found their market - never an easy achievement when launching an independent consulting firm.”
Carl Dawson, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco

“I’ve asked for Hafidh’s assistance several times when he was director at TACC. He's always helped me and connected me with the right persons. The service he provided me - as Director at Stream Tunisia - was very helpful.”
Franck Chartier, Director - Tunisia, Stream International
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