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The mission of Maghreb Frontiers is to develop business linkages between Maghreb based companies and counterparts with the outside world offering an excellent understanding and of the region as well as knowledge of who’s who to be able to confidently recommend a course of action for any development plans in the Maghreb. Our services are extended to corporations considering the Maghreb as:
• A potential market to introduce new products and services
• A possible location for production whether industrial or service oriented
• An investment location looking for a long term return on investment
• A source where skilled labor (blue collar), professional labor (white collar) or expertise (consultants, experts) is needed outside of the Maghreb

Maghreb Business Development
Maghreb Frontiers can help with background information as well as keep its patrons of existing and upcoming opportunities. We are able to line up experts in many fields of activity and will be ready to propose a number of alternative courses of action for to ensure success.
If you are not a Maghreb based company already, deciding on which country you need to consider for a particular activity, or which country to start with, can be challenging. We stand ready to assist you with your decision making and help paint a clear picture that will comfort your decision and win you support within your corporation.

Market Intelligence
Basic market research is essential. Maghreb Frontiers being based in the Maghreb, and having developed a reliable network of corporate, governmental, and organizational contacts, will be able to provide accurate, reliable, and up to date information not only on the market you are considering, but also on the sector of your activity and the commodity or product you are handling. We will go beyond statistics and background economic briefings (which we will of course provide) to provide you with information on competition, government policy, and make recommendations on whether you should pursue your seeking of this region and why, or why not.

Match Making and Agent Search
Deciding who to work with is the most determining decision to make in a new and unfamiliar market. By providing background reports and recommending a number of potential partners, Maghreb Frontiers will allow you viable options to choose from and will assist you throughout the decision making process. Confidentiality along with the quality of our recommendations is our highest priority to find the best link for you in the Maghreb.
Do enquire about our Agent/Partner Search Service. It is tailored to your specific needs. Each time, the service will be different depending on the country, the sector of activity, and the reality of the business globally, regionally, and locally. Instead of going after one or two potential distributors, we will visit a large number of potential distributors and recommend the best fit. This is the best possible way to pick a reliable distributor that will perform from day one thus eliminating the risk of wasting months or may be even years

Corporate Communication
Whether you are a company trying to break in the Maghreb or a Maghrebian company working internationally, Maghreb Frontiers can advise on a communication strategy that will help you communicate your message to the targeted population effectively with the tangible results you need to aim for. Maghreb Frontiers will work closely with your communication professionals in a partnership with local professionals and agencies with a proven track record. Our communication services range covers:
• Communication Strategy Development and Consulting,
• Multilingual Communication,
• Applying Technology to Communication,
• Image Development and Branding,
• Government and Corporate Relations
• Public Relations Consulting

Executive Training
At Maghreb Frontiers, we are on the lookout for partnerships that will add value in terms of improving skills, mindset, and thinking process and mindset. We have the capability and the tools to work with the best to offer high quality executive training programs that will multiply results upon successful completion and active engagement.

Employment Services and Head Hunting
The Maghreb is a talent tank! Maghreb Frontiers operates as an adviser and consultant to identify recruiting strategies and partner on HR development, recruiting and head hunting missions. We are able to attract high quality professionals in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Engineering, Education, and Financial Services.
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